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“I can't believe what you've done. I am not the easiest person to reach and I'm definitely not the most organized (which is why I went with your company honestly) but you managed to raise my credit score by 72 points, so I'm happy!” – Mike G

Our Results

We Don't Just Focus on "Deletions".
We Focus on Changing Lives.

Each and every one of our customers has a unique situation they're dealing with. While deleting negative items from your credit report is exciting, helping you reach your goal — that's life changing. These life changing results are the highlight of what we do every day. Here are some of our favorites...

Meet Anthony (Story #192)
Refinance Roadblock

Anthony had equity, but couldn’t refinance his home because of his credit.


After we finished working on his credit, Anthony took advantage of the exclusive 4.6% home loan approval.

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When he came to us, Anthony was in a very frustrating position. As one of the few who had equity in his home he still wasn’t able to refinance to a better rate. With rates rising, his credit was holding him back. By focusing on the items that most affected his credit score first, The Credit People helped Anthony lock a 4.6% rate within a small window of opportunity before rates went up again. By improving Anthony’s credit and raising his credit score, The Credit People ended up saving him several hundred dollars on his mortgage payment--every month. Anthony’s wife was not on the initial loan, however, she is now a new customer of The Credit People. Saving hundreds of dollars—every month—is life changing.

Meet Cesar (Story #489)
Home Loan Emergency

Cesar’s lease was going to expire in 8 months and he needed a home for his family, but his credit made that impossible.


The Credit People raised Cesar’s credit score to 684 — with a month to spare — and he got his home loan. (And we got a great success story)

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Cesar has been renting a home for the past 3 years. With a foreclosure on his credit report, among other checkered marks, he was struggling to find anyone willing to finance him. Cesar’s frustration really made his story stand out... With housing prices continuously dropping, he had an opportunity to buy back his old home for less than he originally paid. (Yes, he had an opportunity to get his previously foreclosed home back—for less money) With the lease expiring in 8 months on his current rental home, and the possibility of someone buying his old home, Cesar came to us with his challenge. After nearly a 100 point increase, Cesar and his family returned to their old home for $400 less than their previous monthly payment! Putting your kids back in the place they grew up is priceless, and these are the results that make a difference.


Meet Chris (Story #376)
Past Mistakes

Credit mistakes made in Chris’ past still haunted him years later.


After removing most of the negative items lingering on his credit, Chris finally got a clean slate.

Credit mistakes holding you back?
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When he signed up Chris told us that he had made mistakes back in college because he didn’t take his credit seriously. He missed his fair share of payments, had a few charge-offs, and eventually collections. Being a working professional now, paying higher interest rates on his car loan and home loan is costing him every month. Although the mistakes he made were in his past, the marks against his credit weren’t. Chris thought paying off the debts would clear up his credit report. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way, and he came to us for help. By removing most of the old negative information from his credit and pointing out the statute of limitations on several debts, Chris got a clean slate and peace of mind. Not having a cloud from your past follow you everyday anymore—this simple peace of mind—has been life changing experience.


Meet Elizabeth (Story #177)
High Interest Rates

Elizabeth was paying hundreds of dollars every month to high interest rates.


With her new credit and the help from The Credit People, she’s now saving $276 every month.

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After a dip in her credit score, Elizabeth’s credit card interest rates jumped between 18 and 28%. This hike in interest rates cost her an extra $276—every month. She wasn’t in a position to negotiate a lower rate because of her credit, and she wasn’t able to get approved to transfer the balances to a lower interest card. She was stuck. After she got started with The Credit People we created a plan to get her interest rates reduced within 6 months. She was able to transfer balances and eventually she saved $276 each and every month. This is beyond just credit repair to Elizabeth, she now has a $276 “pay raise” every month, and that is life changing.


Meet Jennifer (Story #361)
Reporting Error Victim

Jennifer had an account on her credit from Arizona and two from Texas, but she had never been to either state.


We set the record straight and removed anything that was reported in error, giving her an accurate credit report for the first time in years.

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Two years before she got started with us Jennifer applied for credit and discovered that there were several accounts on her credit that didn’t belong to her. These accounts weren’t helping her credit score in the least. After constant letter writing and phone calls for months she gave up – she didn’t have any more time to dedicate to the cause. She let it go for a year before contacting The Credit People. After dealing with these items weighing down her credit for nearly two years, they were finally removed from her credit reports. Getting these items off her credit report lifted a weight that had been sitting on Jennifer’s shoulders for nearly two years. The stress of having someone else’s information on her credit was always in the back of her mind. We removed that stress, we lifted that weight, and we gave her one less thing to worry about in her busy life.


Meet Joe (Story #548)
Fresh Start

Joe finally had a great job, a steady income, and could pay his bills on time, but he came to The Credit People with a 564 score. Now that the rest of his life was in good shape, he needed a fresh start with his credit too.


The Credit People helped Joe increased his credit score to 751, and Joe got the fresh start he needed.

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Joe is an electrician by trade, when the economy turned south, Joe was one of many who were laid off. After over a year of unemployment Joe finally secured a reliable job again, but unfortunately his credit suffered badly while he was out of work. He hired The Credit People and together we were able to raise his score 187 points. He truly has rebounded from a difficult time and now has a fresh start to rebuild from. Getting a second chance like this is life changing for Joe and his family.


Meet Linda (Story #218)
Credit Approval Woes

Linda had been constantly turned down for credit. How can she expected to rebuild her credit if no one will approved her?


Slow and steady wins the race: The Credit People showed Linda little known ways to establish new credit, and she is now able to get approved for the credit she applies for (a new experience for her.)

Are you getting denied credit?
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When Linda contacted The Credit People she had virtually no credit, which would make any credit repair program a difficult one. Raising her credit score was like trying to move a bus that has a lawn mower engine. This was the position Linda was in as she tried to increase her credit score. We advised her to establish new credit to begin building a history of good credit use. Linda’s response: “If I could do that I wouldn’t need you guys.” (Good point Linda ;-) What she didn’t realize, however, and what we can take for granted as common knowledge, is that there are always ways to establish new credit. We started her off with small goals of applying for high-risk revolving credit. From there, we took Linda through a stepping stone process of building her credit back. In the mean time, The Credit People helped remove many of the questionable negative items from her credit. We cut down most of the negative items that were weighing her credit score down (we turned that heavy bus into a sports car) and helped her establish four new lines of credit (we now turned that weak lawn mower engine into a V8.) Getting approved isn’t the problem anymore, now, choosing only the best offers is.


Meet Marcus (Story #278)
Auto Loan Crisis

Marcus’ car was on it’s last leg and he desperately needed a new car.


A complete credit “180” that lead to an approval on a new car in 90 days.

Can your credit handle a crisis?
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A 40 minute trip to work, and then a 40 minute trip home every day in a car that is unreliable will drive you crazy. When Marcus called The Credit People he was in a pretty tough situation...At any moment his only transportation to work could break down. He had been driving the same Honda Accord since 1994. Although the car was paid off, his credit didn’t make it possible for him to get approved for a new car (even though he was making more money). It didn’t take long before we realized Marcus needed to establish new positive credit. (He had next to none) The Credit People helped him build new credit while at the same time improving the damaged credit he had. The result was a complete 180 in his credit report which lead to the purchase of a new car with an interest rate he was able to afford. *the new car was purchased just three months after we started!

A potential emergency where his job could have been at stake was avoided. These are results that really mean something.


Meet Tameka (Story #144)
Promotion Requirements

Tameka is a military officer of communications who couldn’t advance due to her credit.


We provided written confirmation of our involvement and addressed her superior’s concerns – Tameka got her promotion.

Is your credit holding you back?
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Tameka has a career in the military, and with promotion comes increased security clearance. Before she could get promoted, however, she had to pass a credit check. During her credit check several serious derogatory items were discovered on her credit report. In this instance it wasn’t a question of credit score, it was a matter of irresponsible credit behavior that held her back from being promoted. Tameka had brought to their attention several errors surrounding these items, but her superiors insisted that she could not be promoted with these items on her credit. She assured them that this matter would get resolved, and they gave her 90 days. After she signed up online, we immediately provided her superiors with an acceptable letter of confirmation to our involvement. This bought Tameka credibility that her candidacy for promotion should still be strongly considered. Within 90 days we managed to remove 75% of the negative items that prevented her from getting promoted. (We have received numerous referrals from Tameka’s fellow military family since.)


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