Credit Report Repair By The Credit People®

Credit Report Repair By The Credit People

What's on Your Credit Report Card?

Credit Score GaugeYou have your credit report. It's essentially a "big brother" report card updated by your creditors and maintained by the credit reporting agencies, Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian.

Credit repair is about making sure the credit reporting agencies are creating that report card "fairly". It's about making sure that what's on that report card even belongs there. It's about restoring your credit report to it's highest potential, legally.  And finally, it's about making sure your credit report is optimized so it can produce the best possible credit score.

Credit repair doesn't have to be a hassle, 
The Credit People keep it simple:


  • We review your credit report and see what's bad and what could be better.
  • We get right to work on both -- disputing any questionable items on your credit report and addressing the things we believe can help raise your credit score.
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Hassle free credit repair

Consumer changing own oil

How valuable is your time?

Imagine what it'd be like if your car needed an oil change and you didn't know how to do yourself. But instead of simply running your car over to Jiffy Lube, you decide to spend your weekend researching what to do, what kind of oil is best, where your oil filter is, what kind of oil filter to buy, where to get the material, then going out to buy all the materials, set up your car to do the job, spend your afternoon under your car getting dirty, draining your oil, removing the filter, putting in a new one, discarding the old oil, and so on…OR…you could take your car in and have all this done for you, faster, and easier.

In the same way, you could repair your credit on your own. You could research your credit score and how the reporting works, you could figure out what items on your report are affecting your score the most, research all of the laws, figure out if you should contact your creditors or if you should talk to the credit reporting agencies, try to get a hold of all of them, constantly send them documentation back and forth...OR… you could hire The Credit People to do all of this for you -- simply, easily, and quickly!

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What's Happening with Your Credit Behind the Scenes

Think about this: Your credit report is updated by your creditors and the credit reporting agencies, and requested by others who want to see if you qualify for new credit. This constant activity happens -- even without your knowledge – as you go about your daily life.

With credit report repair, you break into the mix and take inventory of all the actions that have taken place on YOUR credit. Until the 70s people actually had no rights regarding their own credit report. Access to your own credit history wasn't available and you had no right to address wrongfully reported information. This was a horrible situation for consumers who applied for credit, got turned down, and had no way of finding out why—or even if it was a mistake. This is why the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) was enacted into law. Among other protections, it gives you many important rights when it comes to your credit report.

Because of the FCRA and other consumer protection laws, we now have the ability to go in, check out your credit, correct what we see as unfairly reported, improve items that are hurting your score, and help you get your credit in a much better place.

The case for credit repair is a strong one. And no one's better armed to repair your credit and boost your credit score than The Credit People.

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