Please demonstrate how you would write to a customer of ours:

There is no need to understand our service, our processes, company, or any other resource you would have as a member of our team. This is a generic written test to assess how you would write to a customer.

Scenario: Assume it takes 60 days for a customer order to be shipped, and 5-7 days for it to arrive after it has been shipped.

  • Customer placed their order 60 days ago
  • Customer was incorrectly told previously that it takes 60 days to receive their order
  • We cannot get the customer's order to them any faster

Here is the message you receive from the customer:


Please tell me where my order is.  I emailed last week asking about my order and I was told it takes 60 days.  It has now been 60 days and I have still not received my order!

-Michael Jones"

(You may make up any information or contact information you feel would be available to you if you were the customer service agent responding.)