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Step 1

Start today for just $19

Get started today and we'll get your credit reports and scores for you (included) and load them into your online account.  We'll then create a strategy designed personally for you and get started--all for just $19.  Right from the start you'll begin seeing "The Credit People" difference...You get to see your credit, where you’re starting from, and test-drive our service!



Step 2

We take care of everything

Shortly after you sign up, we’ll give you login access to your online account where you'll see your credit and all three of your credit scores.  Then a friendly Credit People expert is put to work right away! We’ll start challenging and remove questionable items from your credit---we’re going to start improving your credit reports.


Step 3

Improvement in less than 60 days!

You will start seeing credit results in less than 60 days.  You'll continue seeing improvements in your credit each month for as long as you're with us. We will continue working on your credit until we've accomplished the best results possible for you.  You can always cancel at anytime.  


Let’s say you started today, here’s an easy recap:

  • You’ll receive a welcome call and email from The Credit People®
  • We’ll provide you with a special secure online account within 48 hours so you can follow the progress
  •  We'll obtain your credit reports and starting credit scores from all three credit bureaus
  •  You’ll start seeing credit improvements in less than 60 days
  •  Your credit will continue to improve throughout the duration of your service
  •  At the end, you will visibly see your credit report, turn into a better credit report. We’ll also give you a future plan so that you can maintain your improved credit---so that you’ll never need us again.

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Corporate Address

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