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We recently introduced our new accelerated dispute process that helps our customers get incredible results. Sign up right now and give us just 90 days. If you aren't thrilled with your credit and score, we'll work on your credit at no cost--completely free--to ensure you get the best results possible. Take us up on this 90-day challenge and if you're not amazed by the results we accomplish, you'll get three months of service FREE!  We're even waiving our set-up fee if you start today...

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20 years of experience…

200,000 credit scores increased.


Stacy R.

StarsDani M.

“I am so happy with my credit and what you guys have done, this year is going to be a really great year for me!”

1,493,679 credit issues permanently resolved.

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78% Approved for Auto Loans

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71% Approved for Home Loans

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81% Approved for New Credit

Approved for Refinancing

74% Approved for Refinancing

We made this challenge for you.  You're just 90 days away from better credit.

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Jennifer E.

StarsJennifer E.

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Get your credit cleaned up and the score you need, or we'll work for FREE...just to make sure you get the best results possible!

Sign up today, give us 90 days, and watch the progress with your credit and score---you judge the results for yourself.  

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"We're almost at 680 and I am already approved because my two scores are there already!"
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"My score has never been this good in my life thanks for getting this done!!!"
- Ellis Morgan

"I referred my brother once I saw results and that was before this recent update and now I'm up 91 points"
- Brad M.   


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StarsBryan R.

“I'm so glad I found you guys on the first try.  We got everything but one item fixed on my credit, I appreciate your work.”

Q: ‘What happens after I sign up?’

A: ‘We get started...’

You'll get access to your online account, and you'll see your credit and your scores. Anytime there is an improvement or positive change to your credit, and every time your score goes up, you'll be the first to know!

Over the last 20 years, we've helped more than 200,000 people achieve the most remarkable results.

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Our clients see a 53-187 point increase in their credit score

Take advantage of this limited-time offer and start your 90-day challenge today...watch the progress as we fix your credit and raise your score.  We have never offered this before, this is an exclusive offer we made for you.

As seen in:

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Q: ‘What happens after 90 days?’

A: ‘You judge the results...’

There's no risk.  Just better credit and a higher score.

After your 90-day challenge, you judge the results.  If you aren't completely happy with your credit, we'll keep working on your credit, for FREE, to make sure that you are.  We'll apply our new accelerated dispute process that has helped our customers get the best results possible.

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  • Your credit report reviewed by an expert, with your score.
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If you aren't sure if you even have credit issues, or if you need our service, speak with one of our credit experts and they'll go over your credit with you, and find out what your goals are.

They'll tell you about any credit issues they see on your credit, and they'll tell you what your current credit score is right now.

(And don’t worry, checking your credit score and downloading your credit report won’t lower your credit score.)

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Mike G

StarsPaul C.

"Just got off the phone with you and I'm ready to go!  I'm excited to fix my credit and raise my score!"

Commonly asked about the 90-day Challenge

Commonly asked about our Premium Credit Snapshot

There is none. It's just a limited-time offer to people who have visited our website before and never signed up.  We decided to create our best offer for you.

You'll have access to your online account, you'll see your credit and your scores.  You decide if you're happy with the progress of your credit and your scores after 90 days.  We're relying entirely on your honesty.  Simple as that. 


Of course!  You're not locked in at all.  This is your 90-day challenge, if you do not want to complete it you can cancel at any time!

We take care of everything.  Just sign up, and when you complete your order enter promo code 90DAYS and we'll start your 90-day Challenge.  (If you sign up now we'll also waive your set-up fee!)