Helping People While Making Money

It doesn’t get any better than this.

Over 3,000 loan providers have a secret partner helping them monetize more from their leads, and even  close more loans (ok, it’s totally us.)

Our Diabolical Plan REVEALED! *Muahaha!*

  • Help people with bad credit by raising their score.
  • Give you a commission or save your client money.
  • Refer the client back to you so they can get a loan.
  • Making you more money on your current leads.

Everyone wins!  *MUAHAHAHA!*

Your new partner: The Credit People

20+ years in business and over 200,000 happy clients.

Results in 60 days. 
Satisfaction guaranteed.

Dedicated support to you and your clients.

Raising your client's credit score

Earn Commission:

It's free, and we can work with companies at any volume. You’ll receive $125 for each person you refer signs up for our credit repair service.  

Referring someone is easy:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Live transfer
  • Online

Whatever is easiest for you, send them to us...

Live transfers work best (23-26% sign-up rate on your leads for our service), but if you aren't ever on the phone with them, and you can't do a live transfer, you can just send us the lead to contact for you.  We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have, and after you register we’ll provide you with anything you need.  Register today, and join the thousands of loan providers and lead generators in the space who are using us to create a pipeline they never knew existed!

Our team, is your team

Partner Development
[email protected]
866-382-3410 x6

“We will make sure your clients receive the best service possible and the help they need to improve their credit and get qualified for a loan.”

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