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Millions of people are denied a home loan or can’t refinance every day (let’s just make sure you’re not one of them). Getting approved for a home loan—it’s the biggest reason people look for us in the first place. The Credit People have helped clients from Citimortgage, Bank of America, Chase, and Wells Fargo, just to name a few. If you’re having trouble qualifying, your credit score is most likely to blame.

Through our unique approach of score-driven results®, we improve credit scores for your first home, second home, refinance, and any other home finance situation. By increasing your credit score, The Credit People will not only improve your chances of actually getting a home loan, but also saving you money each month by not paying a higher interest rate. 


How much could your bad credit cost you?

Your credit score alone can give a bank or mortgage agent all the information they need to not only tell you whether you qualify, but also at what rate, and what your monthly payment will be!

It is safe to say that your credit score is where the buck stops (or actually starts). A typical loan program offered by a bank looks something like this; “620 credit score or higher, full documentation showing proof of income, with 20% down = 6% for 30yrs, fixed.” In this scenario, if you are at a 598 credit score, you are close to qualifying for that loan. Just 20+ points separates you from getting, or not getting that loan. (We have sometimes achieved increases like that within just 60 days.)

To find out how much your bad credit could cost you, enter your information below:
Mortgage Calculator

Bad Credit: Denial
(300-619 credit score)

Poor Credit: 7.5%
(620-679 credit score)

Average Credit: 5.9%
(680-699 credit score)

Great Credit: 0%-3.9%
(740+ credit score)

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