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Repairing Your Credit Report for an Auto Loan

There are two situations we see all the time with car loans:


Can’t qualify for a car loan?

Your credit score is the major component of whether or not you qualify. When we improve your credit report and score, you give yourself the best opportunity possible to get approved. But how fast can this get done?...While other companies might tell you everything you want to hear, the simple truth is that the earliest you can expect results (improvements) is 60 days. Giant strides, however, can be made in just a handful of months. The sooner you get started, the sooner you see results --- and the sooner you get approved.

Paying way too much monthly for your car?

Your credit score not only determines whether you qualify for a car loan, it also determines the interest rate you’ll pay, which ultimately determines your monthly payment. If you are currently overpaying every month for your car it’s because you have a “high-risk” loan (caused by a low credit score). Getting you out of this situation is always our first goal. A higher credit score means you can refinance your auto loan for a lower payment.



How much could your bad credit cost you?

Enter your information below to find out what your bad credit means to your monthly payment situation. (And what good credit will do to make it better!)

Auto Loan Calculator

Bad Credit: Denial
(300-619 credit score)

Poor Credit: 7.5%
(620-679 credit score)

Average Credit: 5.9%
(680-699 credit score)

Great Credit: 0%-3.9%
(740+ credit score)

Auto Loans

By increasing your credit score, The Credit People will not only improve your chances of actually getting a car loan, but also save you money each month by reducing your sky-high payment.

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